If my child wears an orthodontic brace, can I have a Titan mouthguard made?

The impression system Titan uses is not suitable for those with fixed braces.

If you do wish to have a bespoke mouthguard made by us, however, your dentist can take an impression using a suitable material and this can be sent to us to use to manufacture a mouthguard. In addition, although we can leave space for movement of the teeth, the mouthguard will not last long because of this movement.

It is possible to purchase off-the-shelf boil and bite mouthguards specifically for orthodontic braces. We recommend that you consult your dentist regarding the best protection for your particular case.

Once the brace is removed, the Titan the system can be used.  



What happens if my child is to have an orthodontic brace fitted soon? 

A mouthguard made to fit now, will have to be discarded once the brace is fitted.  You will then need a special orthodontic mouthguard to be made or to buy a boil-and-bite one - as detailed above.



What if my child has a missing or wobbly tooth? 

 Once we have your child's impression, our technicians will check for teeth which are yet to erupt and ensure there is space for the new teeth to erupt.

If a tooth is very loose, it may come out in the impression putty.  This does not harm the child but you may wish to wait until the tooth falls out naturally before taking the impression.

Once a loose tooth falls out there, will automatically be room from the old tooth for the new one.  



Can Titan staff give advice regarding dental protection? 

Our staff are neither indemnified nor qualified to give advice on mouthguards and especially children’s oral inspections and diagnosis.

It is entirely up to the parent or child to decide whether they need to wear a mouthguard. As this is not a compulsory requirement in some sports, Titan Mouthguards may not stipulate that a mouthguard must be worn. We can only recommend that one be used in the sport as a protective measure.

We do not consult with adults or children in a manner whereby we offer any advice that may harm or cause damage to the patients’ mouths or even contradict any information given by a dentist. We are purely offering a preventative product that will help in the protection of a player’s mouth, teeth and gums in the event of a collision.

We provide our products on the understanding that the players’ teeth are already in a good state of repair and we would not advise anyone with any current or foreseeable oral problems to have a Titan Mouthguard. 



Are Titan Mouthguards staff DBS checked?

At no point in time are Titan Mouthguards' staff left alone with a minor or vulnerable person within a closed environment, so as per current law in England & Wales DBS checks are not required. We always request that coaches/teachers or parents are present at each impression supervision session.



What infection control procedures are in place? 

We have an infection control procedure in place at all times, which includes the sterilization of hands and trays before, during and after use. The impressions are sealed in a marked bag, returned to the laboratory within a clinical environment and sterilised. 



What happens at a club/school fitting session?

Our trained staff provide the client/child with the impression materials (tray, putty) necessary to take the impression and guide them through the process needed to obtain a good impression.  At no time do Titan Mouthguards staff touch the client/child.  



What does the CE mark on my mouthguard mean?

 Mouthguards are classed as items of personal protective equipment (PPE) and it is an offence to sell an item of PPE which does not bear the CE mark. It is also and offence to apply a CE mark if the class requirements are not met. All Titan mouthguards are fully and legally CE certified and we are happy to provide our certificates as proof that we have met the necessary requirements



How long will my Titan mouthguard last?

This will vary according to many factors, e.g. growth, usage etc. Normally a child up to the age of 16 would require a new mouthguard once a year. Although the teeth and bones may be growing, the mouthguards are flexible, and can accommodate some movement. Older children and adults may not grow, but the mouthguard will wear with use and should be checked annually.



If I lose my mouthguard, will another impression be needed?

We keep the impressions for 6 months.  If you lose your mouthguard within this time, we can provide a replacement without the need for a second impression.  The cost is less than the initial mouthguard (see price on website).

It is worth bearing in mind, however, that a child's teeth may have changed over the six month period and so a new impression may be necessary to ensure a perfectly fitting mouthguard.  In this case, the cost would be that of a new mouthguard.



What do I do if my Titan mouthguard is too tight?

It is not unusual for a new mouthguard to be tight. The most common sore spots are around the edge, particularly above the front teeth. 

 In order to ease the mouthguard: 

Pour freshly boiled water into a cereal bowl.  Hold the mouthguard and dip the offending area into the water for 5-7 seconds. Immediately shake off water and place mouthguard in mouth AND rinse mouth with cold water whilst still wearing the mouthguard.


What is the home impression kit and is it easy to use?

 The home impression kit allows you to take your own dental impression.  

It is very easy to use so long as you read the instructions carefully before attempting the process. If you follow the instructions correctly there is no reason why we cannot manufacture your custom fit product. They key is a deep and central bite. The process only takes about 5 minutes.

Please note that the home impression kit is not suitable for people who have undergone orthodontic treatment or have any crown, bridge or denture work.  



How is a Titan Mouthguard better than one I can buy off the shelf? 

A Titan mouthguard is designed and individually made from an impression of your mouth.  It fits exactly and tightly to your teeth.  Custom mouthguards have the best fit and provide the best protection because they are in the correct position if an impact occurs.  The composition and layering of the mouthguard material in all Titan Mouthguards ensures that they have achieved the highest impact level protection for mouthguard CE marking.    


What protection is available for my child whilst the bespoke Titan mouthguard is being made? 

If your child attends a fitting session at his school or club, he will be provided with a boil-and-bite mouthguard to ensure some level of protection whilst the bespoke one is made. These cannot offer the same level of protection as a bespoke product.