Live Fitting Service - More Information

We are now providing a Live Fitting Service, the only one of it's kind, that will allow wearer's to have a professional mouthguard fitting without the need to visit the dentist or attend a fitting session at a specific location.

A dedicated member of the Titan team will guide you through your mouthguard fitting from start to finish via video call at a time that suits you. Your dental impression is then reviewed on that same video call before being posted back to Titan for the manufacturing of your custom mouthguard... easy!


The Specification of our Mouthguards

All guards are manufactured with the wearer's name on the underside and achieve the highest level of protection available while offering optimal comfort and breathability for the wearer. We challenge you to find a better mouthguard anywhere in 2020!


Is the Live Fitting Service Suitable for me?

The Live Fitting Service and resultant custom-fit guards are suitable for all contact sports for wearers 6 years and older. Unfortunately, the fittings and guards are not suitable for those with a brace (fixed retainer are compatible however) but please feel free to get in touch if you should need to source a mouthguard to go over your fixed brace and we would be happy to help by pointing you in the right direction.


Missing teeth

During the manufacturing process, we leave room for missing teeth so that your mouthguard fits perfectly but erupting teeth have space to grow into the guard.


How long the mouthguard last?

We see our mouthguards as a long term investment and we advise that they will last at least 1 year even in rapidly growing mouths and far beyond for adults (unless eaten by the dog, left on the side of a pitch or chucked in the washing machine by mum!). Replacement guards are also offered at a reduced cost of £35 up to 6 months after your impression taken.


Why a custom-fit instead of boil & bite?

Far superior fit. Unrivalled comfort. Complete customisation. Stubborn durability. The professionals choice. Anything else?


100% Fitting Satisfaction Guarantee

If you're not 100% satisfied with your Live Fitting, simply send your kit back and we will process a full refund.



All postage for your kit and subsequent guard is covered by Titan with no added cost.

Click here to order your mouthguard and book your Live Video Fitting Appointment with a member of the Titan team: